At B&O Saws, product service & support is a major concern of ours and we go to great lengths to ensure customer satisfaction. Our excellent, well trained Service & Support staff makes certain that your purchase of a B&O Saw is profitable, productive and successful!

Upon receiving your inquiry, we will create an easy to understand detailed proposal of the product you request. This proposal will detail the components that make up your piece of equipment, explain what options you have if you choose to customize, and inform you of the financial investment required to build the product.

Our machine, will optimize floor space, cut down on costs and not only pay for itself but add profit to each item you cut!


Our  Sales, Service and Support staff will work with you in every phase of the project:

  • Evaluating which product best suits your needs
  • Customizing, taking full advantage of your systems
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Ongoing Support


Q: Does B&O Saws offer any customization options when building a Saw?

A: YES, While B&O Saws builds “made to order saws,” there are times when a customers request will require some form of customization to the equipment. Here at B&O Saws we take great pride in our ability to customize. Our engineering staff is well trained and has ability to design quality cost efficient solutions for all of our customer needs.

Q: Has B&O Saws built a saw for any other companies in my area?

A: Most likely. B&O Saws is a continuance of Oliver Saws adding up to more than 100 years of sawing experience. We have built saws for customers all across the United States. We also have built saws for customers in Canada, Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Europe, Australia, among others. Chances are there is a saw near you and if you would like you could contact a sales rep and they will be more than happy to help you locate someone in your area.

Q: What tolerance can I hold on a B&O sawing system?

A: The accuracy of B&O Saws cutting systems depends on the application and system purchased. On an extrusion line we can achieve +\- 1/32in. typically but have attained closer tolerances. For our precision sawing systems we guarantee a length tolerance of +/- 0.005in. Our proposal will clearly indicate the accuracy you will attain from the specific sawing system requested.

Q: What materials does B&O Saws equipment excel at cutting?

A: B&O Saws builds saws for cutting Non-Ferrous materials (aluminum, copper, brass, ext.) B&O Saws are designed for cutting speed and cutting accuracy.

Q: Does B&O Saws service Oliver saws?

A: YES, B&O Saws will service all makes and models of Oliver saws. We stock parts for servicing Oliver saws and we also will rebuild Oliver saws updating them with safety features.

Q: Does B&O Saws sell saw blades?

A: YES, B&O Saws sells saw blades for many different saws and they come in an assortment of blade sizes.

Q: Does B&O Saws sell band saws?

A: NO, B&O Saws builds saws that use Circular Carbon Tipped or High-Speed Steel blades. We build saws designed for cutting speed and cutting accuracy.

Have another question? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out!