• 825 Reed St. Belding, MI 48809
  • Systems ranging from up 1”-12” in height and 48”-144” in width

  • Standard raw stock length is 144”, other lengths may be accommodated

  • Position Tolerance of gauge head at +/- .002” or better

  • Hydraulic material grippers on gauge head


Available Options

  • Chip collection

B-800 Precision Nonferrous Plate Saws

B&O’s B-800 Series Plate Saws are designed for ultra precise cutting while producing a superior finish and very close tolerances. This new breed of precision saws is what you’ve been waiting for. One look will tell you this saw was built to last. The computer controlled back gauge is designed for accurate sawing performance and maximum throughput. Fixed or drop arbor design, right or left hand models for material flow preference, and numerous cut width and gauge length options to fit almost every need.

Standard Features

  • 50 HP drive motor
  • Heavy steel tables
  • Air lift transfers
  • Material handling system
  • Precision back gauge
  • Completely programmed and ready to cut
  • Hydraulic Material Grippers
  • Pneumatic Squaring Arm

Machine Tolerances

Straightness of Cut±.005” over full range
Parallelism (not to exceed ±.002” overall)±.002 in/ft
Horizontal Squareness±.002 in/in
Vertical Squareness±.001 in/in of thickness
Surface Finish (with precision grind saw blade)32-63 micro
Back Gauge Length Tolerance±.005 plus ±.0002 in/ft

Saw Clamping

Gauge System

Pneumatic cylinders located along the saw line provide continuous clamping force on the material. Non-metallic pads protect the plate being cut. The saw automatically clamps the material at the pressure levels entered at the operator’s touch-screen.

The gauge system utilizes precision twin ways, outboard of the work area, mounted on a rigid steel base structure. The gauge face has replaceable noses that can be trimmed for easy, exact alignment.

Fast Indexing Speeds

The gauge can be programmed to index forward at speeds up to 1,000 IPM, allowing faster cycle times and increased throughput.

Fast Return Speeds

The gauge return speed is 1,000 ipm. This allows the gauge to rapidly return to the rear position and load for the next cycle.


Cut Height8″8″8″10″10″10″12″12″
Cut Width48″72″144″48″72″144″48″72″
Min. Length0.5″0.5″0.5″0.5″0.5″0.5″0.5″0.5″
Max Length240″144″144″144″144″144″144″144″
Saw Carriage Speed500 IPM500 IPM500 IPM500 IPM500 IPM500 IPM500 IPM500 IPM
Gauge LengthUp to 20′144″144″144″144″144″144″144″
Gauge Speed1000 IPM1000 IPM1000 IPM1000 IPM1000 IPM1000 IPM1000 IPM1000 IPM