• 825 Reed St. Belding, MI 48809
  • Systems ranging from up 1”-12” in height and 12”-36” in width

  • Standard raw stock length is 240”, but can go up to 480”

  • Position Tolerance of gauge head at +/- .002” or better


Available Options:

  • Load & Off Load Belt Conveyors

  • Chip collection

B-800 Series Precision Saws

B&O’s B-800 Series are complete systems designed for production cutting of bars or extrusions to close tolerances. The system uses a computer controlled back-gauge system for accurate sawing performance and improved throughput. The saws are available in either a fixed or drop arbor design and the belted drive motor is 50 HP. Saw blades can range from 18”- 30” in diameter for an 11⁄2” bore arbor. Available in both right-hand and left-hand models to accommodate material flow in either direction.

Machine Tolerances

Straightness of Cut±.005” over full range
Parallelism±.003 in/ft
Horizontal Squareness±.002 in/ft corner to corner
Vertical Squareness±.001 in/in of thickness
Surface Finish 32-64 micro (with precision blade)
Length Tolerance – Cut Parts±.005” at 68°F (20°C) or ±.0002 times part length, whichever is greater


Cut Height6″8″8″10″10″12″12″
Cut Width20″24″36″24″36″24″36″
Min. Length0.5″0.5″0.5″0.5″0.5″0.5″0.5″
Max LengthGauge LengthGauge LengthGauge LengthGauge LengthGauge LengthGauge LengthGauge Length
Saw Carriage SpeedUp to 500 IPMUp to 500 IPMUp to 500 IPMUp to 500 IPMUp to 500 IPMUp to 500 IPMUp to 500 IPM
Gauge LengthUp to 40′Up to 40′Up to 40′Up to 40′Up to 40′Up to 40′Up to 40′
Gauge SpeedUp to 1000 IPMUp to 1000 IPMUp to 1000 IPMUp to 1000 IPMUp to 1000 IPMUp to 1000 IPMUp to 1000 IPM

Standard Features

Other Options

Saw Clamping

The saw automatically clamps the material at the pressures entered at the touch screen. Feedback provided by the cylinders allows the controller to calculate the start and end of cut positions. This feature protects against the possibility of operator error.

Gauge System

The gauge system uses a servo drive to position the gauge head through a rack and pinion drive.

Scrap Length The gauge clamp is designed to allow the gauge face to be within 2.5” of the saw line.

Fast Indexing Speeds The gauge can be programmed to index and return at variable speeds to allow faster cycle times and increased throughput.

Memory Module

Saw settings for a particular part, along with cut length, cut width, quantity, etc., can be saved in memory for future use, saving set-up time.

Load Belts

Material Staging Conveyors

If multiple bundles of material need to be staged for cutting, we can provide belt conveyors to hold multiple bundles. The bundles will be automatically conveyed for loading onto the gauge automatically. The conveyors consist of motor-driven powered belts which move at 20 feet per minute. The belt utilizes hidden lace and has a vulcanized belt on the underside to maintain tracking as it rides in the “V” groove, in the surface of the conveyor.