• 825 Reed St. Belding, MI 48809

Ranging from 36”-1320” long with Position Accuracy of +/- .050”


8000 Gauge Conveyor 

For transporting and supporting extrusions while gauging and sawing. Powered roll conveyor is constructed of heavy duty structural steel. Large tubes act as

the side frames with the two sides rigidly tied together. Steel rolls 1.9” diameter are placed along the conveyor length. Each roll is covered with a non-marking material to reduce marring of the surface of the stock.

Gauge pivots up allowing the material to pass underneath and is equipped with retractable face plate. The retractable face plate allows the part to exit the work area without being hindered.

B-8000 Options

• Off-load Belt Transfer Systems

• Infeed Conveyor

• Drop-down Scrap Conveyor

• Scrap Transport Conveyor

8000 Gauge Conveyor System