• 825 Reed St. Belding, MI 48809
  • Systems ranging from 4”-30” diameter billets

  • Standard raw stock length is 240”-300”, but can be increased to satisfy needs


Available Options

  • Log loading 

  • Chip collection

  • Identification marking

  • Scale/Weighing

  • Billet stacking

B-2495 Series Billet Saws

B&O’s B-2495 Series are designed for production cutting of aluminum billets, ranging from 4”-32” in diameter, and in lengths starting from 3 inches. The system uses a computer controlled in-feed gauge system for accurate sawing performance and improved throughput. These saws also feature hydraulic clamps on both the infeed and outfeed sides of the saw line for increased precision.


Gauge System

Slide DriveHydraulic or Servo/Rack & Pinion
Blade Drive40 HP to 200 HP
Blade Size32” diam. for 9” log
Blade LubeSpray mist type
Air Supply80-100 PSI


The three rail loader has hydraulically actuated cams to release one log at a time onto the in-feed conveyor. The two outside rails are spaced at 14-foot centers with a third rail centered between. The loader gently loads logs onto the conveyor when the gauge head is in the home position.

B-2495 Conveyor System

B-2495 Gauge System

Fast Indexing Speeds

The gauge can be programmed to index forward at speeds up to 270 IPM, allowing faster cycle times and increased throughput.

Fast Return Speeds

The gauge return speed is 270 IPM. This allows the gauge to rapidly return to the rear position and load for the next cycle.


Weight Station

After each billet is cut, it can be transported to a station to be weighed. This value can be used to check cut piece tolerance or can be accumulated to determine total bundle weight when stacking.

Stacking Zone

This machine is designed to stack cut billets, in a variety of patterns, in a fast and efficient manner. A stacking cart receives the cut billets and holds them until a full stack is generated. The cart can then be moved to the banding station.

Banding Station

Located so that a cart, when full, can be positioned to allow easy strapping of the bundle. When strapping is completed, the bundle can be removed with a fork truck.

Stamping Device

We offer various marking devices, from simple impact style, to fully programmable computer controlled systems.


We can provide various auxiliary equipment such as scrap conveyors, chip conveyors, chip bailing/briquetting machines, etc. if required.

See the Billet Saw in action!